Blue Flower

Agency with a mission and ambition

Founded  by a professional in the high tech industry with more than 25 years of experience in  training and developing engineering resources, we operated originally as Madras Software and Services Pte Ltd in 2012 as focusing software and human resource.  We re-established again as a HR only focused company in 2015.


We are a MOM licenced employment  agency eligible to recruit resources with diverse skill levels, professionals or skilled workers from  both local and overseas labour market.


Our mission is to provide the best employment services in Singapore in three years. And our ambition is to create a win-win for ourselves and our customers.



Strong partnership

Our strong partnership with overseas  training providers and industry leaders, we are confident that we will be able to fulfill your human resource needs with high satisfaction.


We also wish to build a strong partnership with your organization such that your satisfaction level reaches new high every time you engage us for recruitment.


Be it a simple work-pass application or a full engagement from resource planning to resource deployment at your work site, we are there to assist you and make your job easier.



Our commitment to our clients is that we will provide the right resource with the right skills at the right time.





Local and overseas resources

We specialize in recruiting local resources as well as resources from foreign countries. 

Our local recruitment focuses on recruiting semi-skilled  human resource  as well as  entry or mid level professionals. In some cases we may be able to hire under our company and outsource to you based on the need.



We also specialize in recruiting professionals and semi-skilled man power from foreign countries such as India, Bangladhesh, Sri Lanka, etc





Professionals recruitment

  • Civil and Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical  & Electrical Engineers
  • IT Professionals for system administration and networking.
  • Software engineers
  • Graphics and web designers.
  • Hardware engineers
  • Marine engineers
  • Automobile engineers
  • Aeronautical engineers
  • Business management
  • Accounting and management

Mid level and entry level professionals.

  • Office administrators
  • Technicians and engineers




Workers with different skills

We will be able to readily provide workers with varied skills such as: welders, plumbers, Scaffold erectors / supervisors, rebar workers, masonry workers, electrical and aircon technicians, painters, metal works, etc.

Application of Work Permit / Employment Pass
Renewal of Work Permit /Employment Pass
Collection of Work Permit / Employment Pass
Reinstatement of Work Permit
Replacement of Work Permit /Employment Pass
Cancellation of Work Permit /Employment Pass
Renewal of Passport
Air-Ticket Reservation
Registration of SOC courses
Replacement of SOC Card
Application of Permanent Resident
Man Year Entitlement application
Prior Approval application
Assist in EDB / PSB application
Security Escort Service for repatriation of Foreign Workers
Medical Check-up Arrangement
Pick-Up workers at Arrival Point
Arranging worker’s accommodations
Thumbprint arrangement
Insurance Bond / Banker's
Guarantee arrangement for Work Permit holder
Training Services

Delivery and Transport Services



Foreign worker recruitment

We start our process with a clear understanding of your need, we plan our recruitment process from identifying the resources to worker deployment at your site.  It  includes the following process steps.


Partnership with Training centres and industry leaders

With our strong partnership with the industry leaders and overseas training centres, we have readily available bio-data and resumes of workers at many levels.

Feel free to call for a no-obligation discussion.


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